Friday, April 24, 2009

UpstateBrawler said...
Here is the link for pictures and results.We sent 5 competitors to the NYS submission Grappling championships in Fredonia NY on April 18th 2009.
Ryan Snyder 1st 11-12 lightweight 1st place no gi/ 1st gi
Jordan Berry 13-15 lightweight 1st no gi/ 1st gi
Grace novak womens lightweight 1st no gi/ 3rd gi
Dustin 1st mens beginner 175-109 no gi
April 23, 2009 6:09 AM


UpstateBrawler said...

Good Fight BJJ and Submission Grappling Nationals, Lynchburg VA.
April 25th 2009

Jordan Berry representing NNY Judo wins first place in the teen 13-15 Gi division and 2nd in the teen 13-15 No Gi at 109 pounds.

tim said...

That's awesome! Tough grappler you've got there. Keep up the good work! See you at the club.